Some people are born with greatness, some have it thrust on them. Everyone else? They're like this guy.

This guy's life looks about as well put together as the quality of the video he will one day regret appearing in.

You don't need HD video to see he's having a very bad day. We don't know what got him to this point and it's probably better we don't.

His friends find the whole matter pretty funny because friends are genetically designed to laugh at your pain. When you vomit, they fire up a camera and record the whole thing, so that when you have kids they can play it for them to let the youngsters know their dad was not always a straight-laced accountant driving a Volvo while wearing short-sleeve button down shirts with a tie to work, even on casual Fridays.

But the last laugh may be on the friends. Somebody is going to have to drive this guy home and his hurl-scented face is not going to make it a pleasant ride. We've been there. Trust us.