You know those stories where someone drinks so much they wake up in a Dumpster, a boat or Cleveland? This is better.

A Canadian man came home one night to find a total stranger in his bed, sleeping one off.

And because this is Canada, their interaction is delightfully...delightful. Seriously, if this happened in the U.S., there would be shouting and a lot more cursing, not to mention a better than average chance a cameo by a gun.

There's little to no hostility at all here, even though the guy who's sleeping is convinced he's in the right place and even argues he pays taxes on the bed. Eventually, the drunk fella says he used to live in the house and only then does it dawn on him he made a big error.

And because this Canada, the homeowner offers to let him crash and says it was nice meeting him as he departs. Make fun of the accent all you want, but Canada has manners down pat.