Are you having a Super Bowl party for the 2013 Super Bowl? Well, unless your party has a replica Lombardi Trophy made almost entirely from meat, it won't be as good as the ManBQue party in Chicago.

ManBQue is a Chicago-based grilling club with a focus on grilled meats, booze and music. About the only thing that ManBQue needs to be considered a total paradise for guys is a warehouse full of supermodels, but give them time. In the run-up to the 2013 Super Bowl, ManBQue decided to assemble a Lombardi Trophy from various meats. Several roasts and cuts were used in the making of the trophy, all of which was wrapped in bacon. The only non-meat? The hard Parmesan cheese that was cut by hand into the NFL logo and the laces of the 'football.'

meat-Super Bowl 2013 trophy 2

When finished, the Lombardi Trophy made of meat looked to be about two feet high, several pounds heavy and totally delicious. There's probably still time to whip your own meat trophy up for Super Bowl XLVII, but you'd better hurry.

meat-Super Bowl 2013 trophy