Heather Knox, the Playboy's Playmate of the Month [NSFW Link] for January, is our crush today for several reasons -- she is gorgeous, intelligent and polite enough to agree to speak to anyone associated with this website. 

Ms. Knox talked to us about her Tim Tebow comments, why she hates online dating and her love of celebrity gossip.

GuySpeed: In the last three months, you've been one of the most search women on our website. We get a ton of Google referrals from people searching your name. How does it feel to know so many people want to Google you?

Heather Knox: That's actually really exciting. I had no idea. Who am I up against?

GuySpeed: You're fighting it out with Lauren Elise and Ciara Price for the most searches.

Well, I'm very honored.

GuySpeed: When we Googled you, one of the first things to pop up is a recent interview you did with 'Busted Coverage.' You want to take Tim Tebow's virginity?

Heather Knox: Ha, not really, I didn't realize that comment was going to get blown out of proportion the way it did. They asked me something about a celebrity crush. I was really on the spot and just said 'Tim Tebow' because I thought he was cute. They kind of ran with it and asked 'if I wanted to take his virginity.' I knew nothing about the guy and wasn't looking to really take his virginity.

GuySpeed: Do you think it's better or worse in dating to be able to find out so much about a person online.

Heather Knox: I think it's bad that people can find out so much about one another online even before the first date. It's only natural that people will form opinions even before they get to meet face to face. Many of the things people read online might not even be true. It's even worse if it's not addressed with the person and it just sits in the back of a guy or girl's mind in the middle of a date. It's probably one reason many relationships don't work out. Fifty years ago, dating was dating, and you spent time with a person and not doing Facebook searches.


GuySpeed: It also takes the fun out dating.

Heather Knox: I think dating websites are just as bad. Putting all your info into a dating website and letting some program match you up isn't how dating is supposed to work. It's supposed to be about human interaction and looking into a person's eyes, not staring into a computer screen.

GuySpeed: Do you use Twitter or Facebook?

Heather Knox: Both. But I use them more for expanding my fanbase and talking to people.


GuySpeed: Do you like the immediate interaction with fans?

Heather Knox: Yes, I love it. It is kind of humbling though to realize that so many strangers want to keep up with my career and what I'm doing at the moment.

GuySpeed: Can you think of the weirdest thing you've ever searched for online?

Heather Knox: I'm kind of lame in that respect. I search for recipes and tabloid stories. I get all the magazines like 'US Weekly.' I'm a tabloid and rumor junkie.

GuySpeed: What would happen if you wound up on a the cover of 'US Weekly' in some big rumor?

Heather Knox: I probably wouldn't be as excited to read as usual.