We're not big fans of winter. The only good part of this season is that it's socially acceptable to grow a burly bush of upper lip hair to keep us warm, but other than that  it's just cold, dreary and it's also the season of the flu. Just thinking about the chills, the aching, and the fevers makes us want to curl up and cry for our mommy-- it's awful.

Whenever we get the flu, we always want to know what jerk gave it to us. Was it from that weird dude at work who never washes his hands after using the urinal? Or the little kid who full-on sneezed on your face on the train? It was probably him, but it's always been impossible to really know for sure -- until now.

'Help, I Have the Flu' (HIHTF) is a new Facebook app that tracks your friends who post updates about being sick, or those who log on late at night. Developers explain that late night users are sleep-deprived, and thus more likely to catch a contagious virus. HIHTF has some other cool features too, like the ability to message a sick friend if you believe they are responsible for your condition. You can also scope out some remedies through the company that developed the Facebook feature, Home Remedies.

While the app might not be 100% accurate every single time, it's pretty entertaining even if you don't have the flu. What better way to utilize social networking, than to start rumors and sling blame at your friends

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