Sports Illustrated just released behind-the-scenes footage of Kate Upton's 2011 body-paint photo shoot and holy cow, we really wish we had taken up painting.

In case you needed to be reminded why body paint is definitely the greatest innovation in swimsuits since the one-piece split in half, Kate sums it up nicely: "I am really surprised how much it looks like a suit because I really do feel like I'm just standing up in front of the camera, naked."

Well—and nobody tell Kate this—but the reason she feels that way is because she totally is naked. Perhaps we should amend our previous statement about body paint being such a great innovation in swimsuits. After all, it isn't actually a suit. It isn't clothing in any way. It's just paint, which means you're looking at boobs. And we read a study last year that said, of all things that can be looked at, boobs won as the best.

The video up top is Exhibit A (and B).

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