Homelessness is a problem, but it's not hurting this fella's social life. In fact, it seems to be helping it.

This is Joe, a 26-year-old homeless man in New York who gets women to take him home for sex, thus giving him a roof over his head. Oh, and he also somehow rakes in about $150 begging and says he does whatever he wants every single day, unlike, you know, people with jobs. He says his responsibility is to try and not look homeless. Good to have goals, Joe.

He's pretty crude and unapologetic about his tactics and his lifestyle (for instance, he cleans up by stealing hair gel and Red Bull from CVS). He drinks, he does drugs, he swears like a sailor and calls himself a "cardboard all-star."

Joe's actually pretty despicable, but his arrogance is what makes this video so fascinating. He seems to understand that he's not really likeable, too -- his advice for the youth of America is to "never become like me."

If you didn't like millennials before, you'll like them even less after watching this and you just might even think twice about whether or not to give money to people living on the streets, too.