It's democracy in action.

It seems some of the ladies of the night who work at the renowned (and legal) Moonlite Bunny Ranch brothel in Nevada say they will give free sex to men who donate funds to Hillary Clinton's campaign. It's their way of touching your poles while trying to get you to the polls.

You could say these woman will Trump your brains out.

One of the hookers, Entis Love, said, "She’s just a role model. She’s a woman, she’s got the power…she motivates us to be who we are and she’s for what we do, so why not?”

The women will be rough in bed because men don't want them to be delegate.

Do you get the feeling Bill is scrambling to figure out how he can get in on this?

After a night with the hookers, men will "feel the Bern."

Hillary Clinton
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Ranch owner Denis Hof has no idea if the gimmick violates any campaign finance laws, choosing only to say "the girls showed a good initiative."

They're ready to Barack your world.

Last year, the women, who are now putting their money where your mouth may very well soon be, threw their support behind Clinton.

Sure, men may donate to Clinton, but it sure sounds like they support Bush.

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