As a public service I’m performing because I now have to deal with a generation of younger people that only deal with “now” and the future. So that’s where this column comes in.

I’m going to help you learn about things both old and new – when talking about food and snacks. And what better way to start a series than to talk about buffalo wings and waitresses with low-cut shirts and high-legged shorts!?!

Pull up a chair.

Here are five facts you probably didn't know about Hooters.

  • Hooters Wings Originated in Clearwater, Florida


    Just over 30 years ago, a restaurant was born that would get men yelled at whenever they came home smelling like chicken wings. On April 1, 1983, Hooters opened up in Clearwater, Florida, and many jealous wives considered it the April Fool’s Joke that would never go away. Little did we all know that it started a trend that many other “breastaraunts” would follow in decades to come.

    The buffalo wings explosion of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s got six businessmen excited enough to open up a restaurant chain that would cause controversies in homes for decades.

  • Singapore, Tokyo, and São Paulo Have the Three Biggest Stores … Obviously


    There are 460 Hooters restaurants throughout the United States, not including their restaurants in 24 other countries, like the Australia, Brazil, Germany and South Korea.

  • Famous People Like Hooters, Too

    Hooters also sponsored NASCAR drive Alan Kulwicki, who won the Winston Cup points championship in 1992. He was killed in a plane crash in 1993 – on the restaurant’s 10-year anniversary – after making a sponsor appearance at a Hooters in Knoxville, Tennessee.

    We break from this Debbie Downer moment to mention that former 'Best Damn Sports Show' correspondent Leanne Tweeden was once a Hooters waitress in Colorado Springs.

    Dick Vitale and pro golfer John Daly have also been spokesmen for Hooters.

    Another former Playmate, Holly Madison, worked at Hooters as well. She went on to star in E!’s 'Girls Next Door' and 'Holly’s World,' as one of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends.

  • Some Litigious Men are Idiots


    Three Chicago-area men won over $19,000 each in a lawsuit against Hooters after they were denied employment. Look, if we wanted to get served buffalo wings by big, hairy men, I’d go to my Uncle Gus’ house.

    In 2009, some douchebag named Nikolai Grushevski filed another lawsuit against the restaurant because they wouldn’t let him be a waiter.

  • The Hooters Brand Gets Around


    Did you know there’s a Hooters Casino Hotel in Las Vegas? There is no truth to the rumor that the smell of buffalo wings is piped in through the air ducts, or that the maids wear orange short shorts.

    There was even once an Arena Football League team called the Miami Hooters that eventually moved to West Palm Beach. They even had Fred McNair as their quarterback. (He was Steve McNair’s brother … just in case you didn’t know.)

    Hooters wings hold a special place in American restaurant history. Whether you like their wings or not, or your better half frowns when you ask her if she wants to go there for your anniversary -- this place should be respected.

    Where else can a guy get a romantic dinner of 20 Hooters wings and a bottle of Dom Perignon!?!

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