The owner of a Ferrari 458 Italia may not have gotten a kick out of the traffic in China. But, when he began to honk as a club of horse riders saddled up along his ride on the busy street, his car literally got a kick from one of the horses.

The video shows the swift equine justice near the Shanghai World Expo Center. Traffic is rather slow as the Ferrari sits amid a Lamborghini, a bus and some bystanders walking amid the cars.

The horse slowly edges towards the car, then gives the $230,000 hunk of horsepower a hearty taste of hoof. It even seems to walk away with some swagger. There doesn't appear to be any damage done to the vehicle, but the owner does get out and give the rider a word or two.

We wonder if the horse doesn't agree with the use of its likeness on the logo. "I'll show you a prancing horse, mother effer!" (In Chinese, of course.)

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