Hardee's keeps it simple with their advertising - pump out hardcore food porn that's overflowing with larger than life close-ups and slow-motion then shift the senses into visual overload with smoking hot sex symbols.

Paris Hilton, Padma Lakshmi, and Kate Upton have all experienced mind-blowing Hardee's burgers so good they can barely contain themselves. But then, in mid-to-late March, the fast food franchise gave us a striking mystery woman so worked up by the Southwest Patty Melt that she shows us her "Jalapen-O-Face". So, who is this relatively unknown facemelter that likes it hot?

It's Angie Patterson, a model and actress who you might've also seen in a recent commercial for the Toyota Prius. Her TV credits include appearances on 'Entourage', 'Prime Suspect', and 'Californication'. She also had a supporting role in 'Valentine's Day'. After a brief scan of her Twitter feed, we can tell she's more than just an agape mouth - she called her Hardee's spot, "My classiest commercial to date."

You can check out her demo reel at ReelAccess.com.

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