Kate Upton commercials are invading your television. Try not to complain too much. She is selling everything from Carl's Jr. hamburgers and MLB 2K12 to invisible thong bikinis (fingers crossed).

Kate Upton commercials make regular television tolerable. "I'll be able to get through the whole episode of Storage Wars so long as there is a chance of a Kate Upton commercial THERE IS ONE EVERYONE SHUT UP!" We only wish the same could be said for that awful 'Three Stooges' movie. We'd rather poke ourselves in the eyes with the dull end of a javelin than have to sit through WHOA ANOTHER KATE UPTON COMMERCIAL EVERYONE SHUT THEIR TRAPS!

Here are all the Kate Upton commercials we could find. She is shilling for SoBe water, doing finger tricks and sticking large pieces of meat in her mouth. Which one is your favorite?

We realize it's like picking a favorite child, but let's be honest, we all have a favorite child.

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