The Olympics are awesome, but whats even more awesome are the hot Olympians appearing on your HD TV.  It's easy to call volleyball team members eye candy, but one of our favorite hot Olympian comes from an unexpected event. Tewnty-two-year-old Samantha Wright stands at 5-foot-2 and weighs 115 pounds, but she could easily throw you across the room.

You see, Samantha is a weightlifter and a pretty bad ass one at that. She can snatch 145 pounds and clean and jerk 170 pounds! Her nickname is 'Pixie Warrior Weightlifter,' and the name suits her well thanks to her adorable short blonde pixie-like hair and flawless looks. You would think that while lifting 170 pounds she would look less attractive, but that's not the case. She looks cute while lifting too!

When Samantha lifts those dumbbells over her head she adds a level of femininity to the weightlifting sport that hasn't been seen before.  We could watch her lift weights all day, and we'll fantasize about her picking us up an throwing us around. Rawr. Oh, and we're rooting for her or course.