This couple puts the "hot" in "hot tub."

A married couple was enjoying a romantic evening in a hot tub until the wife's hair caught fire on a candle near the tub.

Talk about killing the mood.

Being in a tub filled with water was probably the best place for the woman to be, but, for some reason, she decided to jump out and away from the water -- the one thing that could quickly solve the problem. She came back to the tub where her hubby dunked her head in the water. A man who shoves his wife's head underwater is not usually a quality you're looking for in a significant other, but in this case we say it qualifies.

Let's just hope they're a little more careful when celebrating a birthday.

And while it's safe to say the flames of passion still stir, we think the next time this amorous duo is looking for some R&R together they hit up a water park.