claims to be a web- and mobile-based personal trainer and strength coach that promotes good health. But this video of hot twins stretching each other puts us in the mind of a completely different sort of workout.

It doesn't help (or maybe it does) that the pervy narrator sounds like he's straight out of a porn movie, as he creepily extols the benefits of partner-assisted stretching and having limber pecs and quads.

The scantily clad twins, meanwhile, smile and giggle as they contort themselves into a range of awkwardly sexy positions. If we didn't know better, we'd think they were having a pillow fight.

Clearly the twins are amateurs, though, when it comes to stretching. At several points, they grimace in pain when an exercise goes too far. That's it, girls. Feel the burn. We sure do.

In case you're doubting the real purpose of this video, stay tuned toward the end and enjoy a full minute of outtakes as the girls frolic and act generally goofy. Pandering and exploitative? Sure. But is that necessarily a bad thing?

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