What is Fandangoing? If you've been absent from the internet for the past week, let me catch you up. First of all, Fandango is a new WWE wrestler with a hot gimmick. He debuted victoriously against Chris Jericho at WrestleMania 29 on April 7.

The next night on 'Raw,' live from New Jersey's Izod Center, Fandango's theme music ("Cha Cha La La") hypnotized the entire crowd into humming along while dancing around like goofballs for the entirety of his match, not just his entrance. People were reportedly honking the theme with their car horns as they left the arena parking lot. You may have heard about this crowd's infamous hijacking from our post last week.

When beautiful women start mimicking the act, you know it has arrived. In the video above, you can see Houston Texans' cheerleader hopefuls getting down to "Cha Cha La La." I'm sure if we all knew cheerleaders loved wrestling, we would have been able to talk to them more back in high school.

The phenomenon has continued to pick up steam, as Fandango's theme climbed the UK singles charts, and even earned him a spot on VH1's "Best Week Ever." Somewhere between Johnny Curtis' execution of the Fandango character, and Jim Johnston's groovy wrestling tune magic, WWE has a hit on its hands.

I dare you to watch the video of Houston Texans cheerleaders Fandangoing, and NOT get the Fandangoing song stuck in your head for the next 48 hours.

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