It turns out that everyone's favorite wrestling movie star is back in the gym.

According to The Rock's personal Twitter account he's pushing through any pain, be it imaginary or real, and he's even using smiley faces. The Rock is either not very injured, or one of the toughest guys on Earth. His kind of injury should make it painful to even breathe, so to actually workout would be excruciating.

There's been rumors and trash talk thrown around the internet regarding a possible Wellness Violation for The Rock, and while it's all speculation, a former WWE Superstar, Carlito, made a funny jab via his own Twitter.

"Rock tore his ab & adductor tendons? Hmm, I guess instead of getting in tremendous shape for mania...he got in TREN-mendous shape!"

If you're not familiar, TREN stands for Trenbolone, which is a highly popular steroid.

Other Wrestling News

  • Former Smashing Pumpkins front man Billy Corgan mentioned on Martin Hines' 'Interesting People Talking Wrestling' podcast, that he and TNA considered working together on entrance themes. It doesn't sound like it's still in the works, but Corgan is a known wrestling aficionado, complete with his own failed wrestling promotion (Resistance Pro), so it's interesting to see him trying to get back into the business.
  • A press release was sent out regarding a music video from former WWE Diva Mickie James. Mickie was mentioned this weekend in Trish Stratus' WWE Hall of Fame speech and it seems Trish is even going to make a cameo in the video. The song is called 'Sombody's Gonna Pay' and while I'm not very interested in hearing it, I'm highly interested in anything featuring two hotties like Trish and Mickie.
  • In wrestling legal news, Jack Swagger's DUI court date is officially June 25th and he's apparently facing a possible two whole days in jail. Mississippi is going for the full penalty on this one, as they want to make an example out of Swagger, and his hardly respectable beard.
  • In a more intense legal story, a former WWE producer is suing the company and The Big Show for an altercation that happened while taping a backstage interview. The complaints vary from profane language to actual assault, and then even claims more illicit behind-the-scenes activity from The Big Show. A quote from Andrew Green's complaint "WWE suspended or terminated Big Show's employment because of his behavior, including his engagement in violent and/or unlawful and/or improper activities outside of the wrestling venue."
  • Hulk Hogan has gone on record with his official Mt. Rushmore of Wrestling, which includes himself, Andre The Giant, Bruno Sammartino, and Steve Austin. Hogan went on to say that The Rock and Sting are right behind the rest. It's usually hard not to argue with Hulk Hogan, but this is the most sensible thing he's said in years.

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