Take the latest Jamaican dance craze and combine it with the hysterical blow-by-blow commentary of WWE's Jim Ross and voila—you have a most excellent mashup you never knew was possible.

A few weeks back, there was a video of track superstar Usain Bolt performing a hyperaggressive dance move with a young lady, and that was the moment many of us were introduced to "daggering." For those who are still unfamiliar, daggering is like dry humping on a dance floor (which anyone who's ever been to a club has seen plenty of) but with the aggression level turned up to 11. Seriously, it doesn't even look like dancing anymore.

Which is why whoever thought to add the great Jim Ross to the action is a genius. Daggering resembles wrestling far more than dancing, and while the dancers may not technically be executing suplexes and power bombs, it's pretty close.

We're not sure where this particular club is, but we just hope the gentlemen involved made it through the night without suffering another increasing trend in Jamaica: broken penises. Yikes. We'll just stick to doing the robot, thanks.

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