Before Facebook, Twitter and the internmawebs, how did people spread news to one another? I assume through newspapers, talky pictures and the Victrola but I'm not sure what any of those things are and I might have made them up for the movie in my mind.

Telephone poles have long been a useful tool to spread messages to the community. Especially in heavily trafficed areas along busy streets. Hundreds of eyeballs a day see the average sign stapled to a telephone poll.

If telephone pole fliers can find puppies and advertise yards sales, why can't they spread the word about dirty men and the diseases they carry? In this case, a young woman would like everyone in town to know about Roderick and his unfortunate condition.

"Hey, did you see the Johnson's yard sale is this weekend?"
"Sure did! Did you see Roderick has a venereal disease?"
"Sure did!"

It's like my grandmother used to say "don't trust a man named Whoopi." She also said "don't ever f*ckin' quote me in a stupid blog." She was silly.