Hey, you, listen up: an important life lesson is coming your way.

We've all been there. You know where "there" is. It's the place where you really want to get in on some pizza, but don't have any money. Or maybe you just want more than everyone else. Well, problem solved. This is an easy step-by-step method to stealing pizza without anyone realizing you're pilfering the pepperoni, swiping the sausage or making off with the meatballs.

Sure, it seems like it'd work, but we remain a bit skeptical. When pizza is involved, no one likes hijinks and you just know other people will be all like, "This seems a little small. Let's order another one" or "I'm still hungry. Let's pop another DiGiorno in the oven."

So, really, your little shortcut will probably end costing you more time, money and headaches while you listen to everyone else complain how they're not full.