A sex tape of the 59-year-old former WWE Heavyweight Champion of the Universe leaked yesterday, and it's...not what we were expecting.

The footage was originally rumored to exist last April but Hogan fought it's release, claiming he was secretly taped. Last week, a burned DVD was anonymously sent to Gawker. The sender wanted no money or credit; their only request was that all 30 minutes of the tape be watched. And it was.

Gawker made a 1-minute highlight reel, and the backstory it reveals is a strange mystery. The woman in the tape is rumored to be the ex-wife Hogan's best friend, famous radio personality Bubba The Love Sponge. In the tape, a man we are made to think is Bubba checks in on the two and chats with them for a bit, before he leaves and they have sex? Best friend, ever?

Other highlights of the tape include: Hulk Hogan's massively receding hairline sans du rag, His hilariously-endearing ringtone that plays his daughter's single, and how fixated he gets about role-playing and pretending he's Macho Man Randy Savage. We might have made up that last part.

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