There is such a thing as oversharing on social media.

Dominyk Alfonseca, 23, of Virginia Beach, Va., recently held up a bank, using a note in which he asked for $150,000 in bonds.

Alfonseca, being the millennial he is, posted the encounter on Instagram. About 20 minutes after the heist, police arrested him.

Alfonseca, who has aspirations of being a rapper, is miffed that people consider him a robber because he had good manners and was polite during the holdup:

I don’t know how I’m a robber because I asked for it. She could have said no, and I could have left."

C'mon, Dominyk, if you want to be a rapper, you've gotta embrace the thug life. Admit what you did and if you need some added credibility, why not post a video of someone shooting you?

Watch the news report with him because his comments are legendary. He justifies his behavior and even gives a shout out to Michelle Obama. We're sure that just made her day.