If the sight of asparagus and sound of the word "tofu" send you into an uncontrollable seizure of disgust, then this is for you.

This video, entitled "If Meat Eaters Acted Like Vegans," turns the tables on the bohemian lifestyle and superior attitude you may think vegans give off when discussing their diets.

Yeah, the guy who stars in this clip hits the nail on the head. He's self-righteous, a know-it-all and looks down his nose on anyone who dares to have the nerve to eat something he doesn't. We don't know whether to laugh, nod our head in agreement or give him a standing ovation. His opinions on killing deer, avoiding kale and just about anything plant-based is twisted, but makes its point so well.

So, why not grab a ribeye, toss it on the grill and then go into your fridge and throw out any trace of those snow peas and organic quinoa that somehow wound up in your house? And then be sure to call an industrial cleaning company to erase any trace of those toxically healthy foods, too. You can't have that sitting around.

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