Ever gone to IKEA before? Of course you have. The only thing worse than going to one of their stores and then having to put together all your cheap furniture is trying to pronounce those difficult Swedish names.

Is it really necessary to give a bath mat a name with seventeen consonants in a row? Most of them even sound made up.

If you were presented with product titles and descriptions, do you think you would be able to tell the real from the fake? Oh really? Well let's see how SMÄRT you really are.

Here is a list of ten "products" that are either actual IKEA items or something we completely made up. Test yourself.

We'll be scoring with a very small pencil.


    This metallic, three-legged bench isn’t just for sittin’—it’s also for lookin’. The SJVÖRKS bench was crafted by renowned designer Armes Von Foos. And trust us, your envious friends will all think you’re so Von Foos. (And that’s a good thing).

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    Not that your end table ever formally asked for a lamp, but don’t you think it deserves it? The LJUSÅS YSBY’s fabric shade gives off a diffused and sensual light, which is vital for all the old copies of the New Yorker and corkboard coasters currently collecting dust on there.


    Nothing screams eco-friendly like a swivel chair made completely out of recycled mechanical pencils*. The melted down plastic is then placed into a 3D printer and out comes the KLÅRGHRAM.

    *the pencil’s erasers are not included.

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    The MÅNLJUS is the perfect window side lamp to emit enough light for neighbors to clearly peer into your home as you watch re-runs of 'Everybody Loves Raymond' while wondering what your ex-wife meant when she said, “You ruined my life.”

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    ISFJORDEN, ISFJORDEN against the wall, who is the finest Sven of all? It’s you, of course. This sturdy mirror’s structure is made completely out of solid wood. You know, as opposed to that un-solid wood our competitors try to push on you.

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    The HYLKJE might look like a video transition the longtime television series ‘Soul Train’ might have used, but make no MALMs about it, this mirror will add style to your wall. Plus, once you go HYLKJE, you never go BACKLKJE. Right, guys?

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  • TEJN

    Unlike other sheepskins you might be used to (if you catch my drift), the TEJN can be used over and over again. This incredibly soft and warm decorative piece is best utilized as a rug but could double as a caveman pelt for Halloween. We’re all about versatility here at IKEA.

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    Aren’t you sick and tired of looking at your passé zinc cabinet knobs? Well then door knob snobs, the LÖKRSJ is for you. These intricately designed, stainless steel knobs will even make Janice (your always unimpressed friend) do a double take.

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    Your ex-girlfriend left a few of her clothing items at your place but you’re still too emotionally fragile to dispose of them. That’s where ZRUBL under bed storage bins come in handy.

    You can neatly place her things in this dust-proof bin and slip it—out of eyesight—under your bed until you’re ready to move on. Also, if you buy a second bin, it’s a great place to store her passport, a doll made out of her hair and a hard drive of all the sex videos you guys made.

    You’ll get over her, we promise.

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    Most pillow companies are now guaranteeing that their pillow will give you the best sleep of your life. The SMÄRJÖRK pillow can’t promise that, but instead, we are confident you will get at least 4.5 hours of sleep.

    There’s honestly too much to worry about in this God forsaken world to get any more than four or so hours of sleep. Think about it: what if your girlfriend “pulls the goalie,” the cicadas never go back underground, or if you locked the door (I know you already checked, but now you don’t remember if that was tonight or last night).

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