Road rage has once again reared its ugly head. Sigh. Why can't we be more like Canada?

We take you to Yuma, Ariz., where a man in a car was furious after another man (and his girlfriend) on a motorcycle cut him off.

The driver confronted the biker at a red light and to say it did not go well would be like saying Custer's Last Stand didn't go well. He immediately punched the biker, who pushed him back. The driver then shoved the girlfriend. After some more words, the driver once again motioned toward the biker, who responded by tossing him on the ground and pinning him there.

The driver said he was mad the biker cut him off and then admitted he was going to punch and assault him because of that. That's kind of an unfortunate admission, since the biker recorded the whole confrontation on his GoPro. If this goes to court, that'll be Exhibit A with really no need for B or any other capital letter to make an appearance.

The man remained on his back and appeared to lose focus. That may be because he reportedly broke his ankle in the skirmish in which he fell down to the ground.

Officials continue to investigate.

Moral of the story: never admit you plan to assault someone wearing a GoPro.