You don't believe superheroes exist? Well, Irina Khasin might prove you wrong. By day, Khasin might appear to be your average assistant district attorney for Fulton County, Ga. On Sundays in the fall, though, Khasin is an Atlanta Falcons cheerleader, with a body as rock solid as her legal arguments. If Khasin doesn't seem downright heroic in her Falcons' cheerleader costume, we think you've been reading too many Frank Miller comics.

A native of Louisville, Kentucky, Khasin received her undergrad degree in communications at USC and went to Vanderbilt University Law School for her J.D. She moonlights as a Falcons' cheerleader because, well, she can. Khasin lists "Irina Ballerina," "Arena Football" and "Reenie" as her nicknames on her Falcons' cheerleader bio. (Hey Irina: please prosecute the next person who calls you Arena Football, to the fullest extent of the law. Thanks.)

When you watch the Falcons play on Sundays this fall, you'll now know that Irina Khasin is more than just a pretty face and flat abs, she's got some fine-tuned rebuttals, too. Oh yes, we went there.

Irina Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader
Twitter / @AFC_Irina
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