It seems like no matter how much technology advances there's still nothing on the market to make us remember where we put our keys... or that damn hammer. New Neocover light switch plates could solve that.

The light switch cover is one of the most generic items in your house. It really doesn't do anything except keep a few wires out of the way. So, designer Jake Frey came up with a simple but awesome idea to make them actually useful. Neocover incorporates small, powerful rare earth magnets to transform your switch plates into handy hanging hooks.

The uses for this thing are extensive, but probably the best comes with the plates - you'll never lose your keys again if you just magnetize them right under the light switch when you come home. An included nickel-plated key ring holds up to 27 keys. If you have more keys than that, I don't know what to tell you. The Neocover plates are strong enough to hold up objects as heavy as a standard claw hammer.

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