Janina Gavankar is one of the hottest girls featured on two of our favorite shows – ‘The League’ and ‘True Blood.’ The unforgettable actress and singer plays the legendary “Shiva” on ‘The League,’ a woman so hot they named a trophy after her. On ‘True Blood,’ Gavankar shows a little – OK, a lot more skin -- as Luna Garza, a shape shifter hot enough to make Sam Merlotte forget all about Anna Paquin’s Sookie Stackhouse.

The 31-year-old Illinois native is also a trained pianist and vocalist (You can check out some of her music videos on her YouTube page), and she’s appeared on a number of TV shows, including ‘Dollhouse,’ ‘Stargate Atlantis,’ Grey’s Anatomy,’ and ‘NCIS.’

Here’s another reason we’re crushing on Gavankar – she’s kind of a huge geek. Last year, she reportedly created an online template for actors that allows them to safeguard their online profiles (Don’t ask us how it works, we’re not celebrities!). She was also one of the first celebs on Twitter. Gavankar joined the social site in 2006, way before Kim Kardashian was skanking up the web.