There is a cutting-edge, new brothel located in Japan’s Red-Light District that has been generating quite a buzz with a menu of non-traditional services ranging from hand holding, hugs and now, butt pillows.

Since opening its doors last year, Soineya’s 'cuddle café' has built its reputation on providing a variety of non-sexual services for the average-looking guy just looking to be held. For a nominal fee, men can pay to do not-so-dirty things to pretty girls, like sleep in their arms, pet their heads, stare into their eyes and even massage their feet. Ok, well, the foot thing could get a little smelly.

However, the latest service, called oshiri makura, allows attention-starved men to rent private booths where they can go to rest their weary heads on the rear ends of hot women. However, it may be difficult to get comfortable enough to actually get any sleep, as the butt pillow service comes with a rate of $11 per minute. That's a lot of money considering sleeping face down is not permitted.

In all honesty, we are not sure why any man would burn up his hard-earned dollars just to use a chick’s butt as a pillow, get hugged or pat the back of her head – that is, unless it is buried in our laps.