If you are a man who has access to Instagram and enjoys the occasional photograph of a well-toned bum, then you may have heard of (or at least seen) Jen Selter.

We're certainly big fans of women wearing yoga pants, and that's pretty much Jen Selter's job. And the girl works hard!

"Every picture I add, if it has a little butt in it, I get 'Fake butt!' 'Butt implants!' 'Photoshop!'," she says of the various doubters she hears from via social media. "I can go on and on. It doesn't offend me. I know my butt is real, and it's hard work. You can't fake fitness, so I'll take it as a compliment."

We never doubted you for a second, Jen. And we believe we speak for your nearly 2 million followers when we say, keep up the hard work!