Porn stars: When they're not busy making men sweat while they're at work, they're busy making men sweat on their time off, especially the ones who lease them cars and have to chase them down when they decide not make the payments. That's what is happening right now with former porn star Jenna Jameson.

According to TMZ, the only website on the planet who would find out about such a story, Jameson owes over $13,000 in back car payments for the lease on her 2010 Maserati Quattroporte S.

Maserati Financial Services has been trying to repo the car, but so far they haven't been successful. How a porn star has managed to elude a repo man is beyond us, but Maserati wants their money for the car -- and is also suing Jameson for $107,000 in damages. What damages? The car is worth about $100,000 so they're suing for payments and also a monetary amount worth more than the car itself?

It's highly doubtful that a judge will grant them the extra $107,000 unless Jameson drove the thing into a telephone pole or messed up the interior so bad that only gasoline and a Zippo lighter can fix it. Then again, she was in porn, so maybe there is no way that Maserati can properly clean the car seats. Would you wanna sit in that car after she drove it for a couple of years? Didn't think so.