Jennifer Love Hewitt has always been one of our favorite women to stare at for long periods of time. That is high, HIGH flattery. Now it turns out we can stare legally as Hewitt will be starring in a new show on Lifetime called 'The Client List' and JLove (it's okay if we call you JLove right?) is really turning up the heat.

In the new Lifetime show, based on the 2010 TV movie of the same name, Hewitt plays Riley Parks. Parks is a mom who is forced to work at a dirty day spa (of which we need the address) when she runs into financial trouble. Happy endings? Probably, it is Lifetime after all. Oh you thought we meant the other kind? Yeah, those too.

The promo for 'The Client List' features JLove rolling around in lingerie. For the first time ever, millions of men have set their DVR to record a show on Lifetime besides 'The Golden Girls.'

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