As we reach the 30s of our 100 Hottest Women of 2014, we want to remind you that these are all women you should be keeping an eye out for based on their recent accolades, accomplishments and things they have planned in the near future. While exploring these otherworldly babes, be on the look out for the new Lara Croft, meow-meow, April O'Neil and... another April O'Neil.

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    Taylor Swift

    We're starting off this section of the 100 Hottest Women of 2014 strong with Taylor Swift. We have a feeling that if you ever took a tally of every outlandish, egotistical and facepalm-worthy remark Kanye West has ever made and compare that to the number of musical awards Taylor has ever won, you'll probably wish you brought a calculator. Ms. Swift is one of the most well-respected artists in the world, and is probably one of biggest money makers in all of music. Fortunately, her musical success is only matched by her philanthropy. Expect to see her finally get a serious role in the cinematic world as she will costar in the adaptation of the Lois Lowry classic, 'The Giver.'

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    Megan Fox

    A prominent sex symbol in American cinema, you would expect that Megan Fox would score compared to all the other hot females of 2014. But this can be attributed to one major factor: she gets roles because of her looks -  she's known as a good looker first, actress second. And unfortunate for her (and displayed by the rest of this list), there are plenty of up-and-coming actresses emerging in the industry who prioritize acting but happen to look just as good. She lost a few power points for getting dropped from the 'Transformers' franchise. But we can't wait to see how the internet will react from seeing her play April O'Neil in Michael Bay's upcoming Ninja Turtle reboot. At least she'll look good amidst all those explosion effects.

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    Danielle Sharp

    For some reason, it just seems as if England is the promise land when it comes to hot chicks, and Danielle Sharp is the perfect example. Perhaps it's the accent or the refinement we tend to associate with the culture, but every British model we ever come across is always extravagant. And ranking this high on our Hottest Women list, Danielle appears to be the upper echelon of bodacious Brits.


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    Camilla Luddington

    UK, we love you. Just when we thought your women couldn't get any hotter, Camilla Luddington just had to prove us wrong. From starring in the likes of 'True Blood', 'Grey's Anatomy', to 'William and Kate', Ms. Luddington seems like she could do it all. Recently, Camilla was the voice of Lady Croft in the new Tomb Raider game.


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    Lucy Liu

    Whether she was taking charge (and heads) of the Yakuza in 'Kill Bill: Vol. 1' or wearing that hypnotic schoolgirl skirt in 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang', Lucy Liu has a tendency to captivate us whenever she is on screen. Sherlock Holme's two current remakes, 'Elementary' in America and 'Sherlock' in England, each have been met with a tremendous fanbase and tons of success for both. So we expect Charlie's favorite angel to keep us entertained while she portrays Sherlock's sidekick Dr. Joan Watson in 'Elementary'. If Sherlock doesn't smoke on that show, we would sure like to give Dr. Watson our pipe.

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    Jennifer Love Hewitt

    We honestly thought that when 'Ghost Whisperer' ended, Jennifer Love Hewitt's career would fade away with it. Luckily, Ms. Hewitt properly rebounded and found herself at the lead of 'The Client List' on the Lifetime channel. Going from national TV show to a niche one on Lifetime is a strong sign of the times. But Jennifer has proved us wrong again and again. We think it's the power she manifests from that magical rack she always carries with her.

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    Anna Kendrick

    Anna Kendrick has proven she has a lot of dynamic range as an actress. Within the past two years alone, she has starred in 'ParaNorman', 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2' and the great buddy cop flick, 'End of Watch'. Keep an eye out for Anna's foxy looks as she will be starring in over six different feature films throughout this upcoming year alone.

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    Chloe Bennet

    A complete newcomer in the entertainment industry, Chloe Bennet has started off strong. Chloe had been handpicked by Mr. Avenger himself, Joss Whedon, for the role of Skye on his hit show 'Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'. And we know that the Skye isn't the limit for this flawless young woman of Chinese and Jewish decent.

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    Kat Dennings

    You guys might recognize Kat Dennings as Darcy Lewis, Natalie Portman's scientific sidekick, in both 'Thor' movies. But who knew that underneath all her nerdy lab gear that she was carrying sweater mittens big enough to yield Odin's blessing. She might not be able to say Mjolnir correctly, but we're sure that she'd still messing up her words if we ever gave her our magic hammer.

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    April O'Neil

    Out of most women in the porno industry, April O'Neil is a natural beauty, so it makes sense that she'd appear at the high end of our 100 Hottest Women of 2014. And she's also an uber nerd to boot! Her Instagram and Twitter accounts are filled with nothing but video game references, talks about sex or her showing off her body! We sure as hell hope Megan Fox in the new 'Ninja Turtles' will be one tenth of the busty, bubbly and beautiful woman that the real April O'Neil is.