We hope you guys are fans of great boobs, because we're going to be racking up the racks in the final 30 of our 100 Hottest Women of 2014. We've brought D'Jango's girl, Black Widow, a black swan, Saffron from 'Serenity' and Sarah Palin for you guys to drool over. Hope you guys brought your hiking gear, because we've got more than a handful mountains to climb!

  • 30

    Amanda Seyfried

    Jumping 22 spots since last year's 100 Hottest Women's list, 2014 is going to be a great year for our favorite mean girl, Amanda Seyfried. Straying away from Nicholas Spark stories, Amanda has been doing more and more adult-themed films, such as 'Chloe'. Her latest movie, 'Lovelace', has her starring as the infamous 1970s porn star Linda Lovelace. Linda Lovelace might be remembered for what she could do with her mouth and throat, but we'll remember Amanda Seyfried for having two of the most fantastic flesh bulbs in cinematic history.

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    Scarlett Johansson

    Out of all the entire 100 Hottest Women we have here, Scarlett Johansson is one of the ones we just want to keep to ourselves. With her returning to play the Black Widow in the upcoming sequels to 'Captain America' and 'The Avengers', 2014 is going to be an marvelous year for Agent Romanov. Up five spots since year, Ms. Johansson has the average fan up five to seven inches whenever she's on screen. Keep an eye out for her upcoming film, 'Under the Skin', where she will finally do what we've been waiting a long time for - a nude scene.

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  • 28

    Kerry Washington

    Kerry Washington has went up from the mid 90s to the mid 20s on our scales, so what happened? Well, her work on 'D'jango Unchained' was amazing. But even better was her being casted as the lead on the great political thriller, 'Scandal'. Kerry was the first African-American female to be nominated for the Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series Emmy in nearly 20 years. Kerry Washing seems to have it all, now if only she could start saying no to filming Tyler Perry movies.

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  • 27

    Mila Kunis

    Mila Kunis is one of the foxiest women in the world. We still can't believe that she is the voice of Meg on 'Family Guy'. Mila's bed scenes with Natalie Portman in 'Black Swan' are the only reasons why we bought multiple copies of it on Blu-ray. But why did she drop nearly 20 spots on our list since last year? Because she has recently started dating Ashton Kutcher, don't do it Mila!

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    Jocelyn Chew

    Jocelyn Chew is only 20 years old and is already ranking high in our hearts (and in our pants). Half Chinese and half Icelandic, you would think that's the perfect mix. But to top it off (and oh does she have an amazing top), she's also Canadian. Thank goodness for a neighbors in the north for introducing us to such a bra-buster.


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    Eva Mendes

    The only thing we remember about those godawful 'Ghost Rider' movies was Eva Mendes' ass in various reporter skirts. She has been dating actor Ryan Gosling for a while now. And Eva will be starring in Ryan's directorial debut, 'How to Catch a Monster' along with Christina Hendricks. That's right. Eva Mendes, arguably the greatest ass in Hollywood, will be standing around Christina Hendricks, arguably the greatest breasts in Hollywood, for a whole movie. Bless you, Ryan Gosling.

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    Genesis Rodriguez

    A hottie known for her roles on various Telemundo programs, Genesis Rodriguez is finally starting to get her American career on the ground. She has recently starred in the Arnold-comeback flick, 'The Last Stand', and will be starring in the upcoming Kevin Smith horror film, 'Tusk'. But she'd definitely get the tusk to stand if Gene Rodriguez could get these jeans (and rod) off.

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  • 23

    Lisa Ann

    Lisa Ann made us like Sarah Palin, well, the fictional pornographic parody version of her at least. Lisa playing a slutty Palin probably had more of an impact to the masses than the real Sarah Palin's campaign for presidency. This past summer, she just opened up her own porn agency, so her rack will be raking in more bucks for her bust.


  • 22

    Christina Hendricks

    Who knew that Saffron from 'Firefly' would have the most sought after breasts in all of Hollywood? Christina Hendricks caught the eyes of men everywhere when she became a series regular on the AMC television hit show, 'Mad Men'. If you're not already a fan of the show or of Christina's otherworldly, planet-sized cans, just do yourself a favor and Google search for the Mad Men scene with Christina removing her panties. You're welcome.

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  • 21

    Lucy Collett

    Just when we thought we were out of British glamor gals with massive lung-bags to give you, Lucy Collett has appeared out of nowhere like a busty, redheaded ninja. Weighing in with an overwhelming 30G sized bust, she is widely regarded as the UK counterpart to Christina Hendricks. But if Hendricks is an experienced actress and Collettt is just a glamour girl, why does Collett rank higher than Hendricks? Simple, because Lucy Collett regularly does nude shoots. What gods must we appease to get Hendricks to join her?