So, according to mainstream media Jenny McCarthy hasn't been on a date since April 2010 when she broke up with Jim Carrey. That's mind-boggling, but there's a refractory period for long-term relationships, and we have to think the combined energy of Carrey and McCarthy probably took a lot out of the Playmate. Maybe this would explain why everyone's losing their poop over her being spotted with Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher recently.

McCarthy married and divorced the guy from Pretty Fly For A White Guy music video then dated Carrey for another five years.

Meanwhile, Urlacher has two daughters with ex-wife Laurie Urlacher and a son with Tyna Robertson. It was also rumored that he was dating Paris Hilton back in 2004.

Now, we're not huge fans of relationships, but a part of us wants to see this work out. McCarthy's in pretty good hands (even though B-ri drops a bunch of picks each year), and Urlacher can rest easy knowing that Jenny has been dropping jaws for almost two decades.

To remind everyone just how consistently sexy Ms. McCarthy has been, we've pulled together this gallery of her hottest public appearances.


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