When the Chicago Cubs signed Cuban outfielder Jorge Soler to a $30 million contract last year, they knew he'd be dangerous with a bat in his hands. They didn't realize how right they were.

After he was ejected following a bench-clearing brawl between the Phillies' Clearwater team and the Cubs' Daytona, Fla. club in the Single-A Florida State League on Wednesday night, Soler grabbed a bat and motioned toward the Clearwater dugout. Early social media reports indicated Soler hit the opponents' dugout with the bat, but Robbie Aaron, Daytona’s director of broadcasting and media relations, denied that claim.

The incident happened after Clearwater infielder Carlos Alonso landed on Soler, who had run from first base to second on a groundball. A scuffle ensued soon after, emptying the benches. Clearwater won, 14-9 in 11 innings, after play resumed.

The Cubs have not yet commented on the incident, but they and the league could discipline Soler with suspensions or fines. Regardless, 'Batman' is a much cooler nickname than anything else Soler would have been given in the big leagues.

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