Joseph Gordon-Levitt somehow manages to make jeans look dressy, and we can all learn a thing or two from a dude who gets away with not wearing a suit. 

His secret to success has three parts: fit, color, and accents. JGL's clothing is always fitted and tailored, so he looks neat and presentable. He sticks to darker colors and limits his pallette, which creates a more formal look. Perhaps most importantly, he adds his own personal accents to make the look his. Example: a one-inch pin on the lapel of his blazer, or vintage combat boots.

Hate dressing up for work, or your girlfriend's aunt's retirement party? Replicate this outfit, and you'll look as dapper as Joseph. We broke it down for you, below, with links to suggested items.

Steal JGL’s Style: 

Belt -- ASOS Leather Belt [$16]

Jacket -- ASOS Vito Tweed Blazer [$137]

Pants -- Levi's 511 Slim Fit Jeans [$44]

Shirt -- J. Crew Lightweight Chambray Shirt in Veranda Blue Plaid [$69]

Tie -- Banana Republic Solid Silk Tie [$59]

Boots -- Vintage combat boots eBay, Goodwill, or $305]

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