Look, we won't tell anyone you read this, but if every chick loves this dude, maybe you should be paying closer attention?

Ryan Gosling is the master of sloppy-cool; he manages to look like he just rolled out of bed and also impossibly cool and tailored at the same time. The key is in knowing when to skimp and when to spend: A Schott Perfecto motorcycle jacket aint cheap, but you'll wear it for decades, and it's a classic. The ambervision sunglasses? Vintage and cheap. Balance it out: If you're going to look a little dirty, you better smell great, or else you're actually just gross.

This combo seems to work better than Spanish Fly when it comes to grabbing the attention of the ladies, so we've broken it down for you below. We're not saying that dressing like Ryan Gosling is all you need to bag a babe like Eva Mendes, but it sure won't hurt.

Dress like ryan gosling
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Steal Ryan's Style: 

Jacket -- Schott Perfecto motorcycle jacket -- Prices vary depending on style

Jeans -- Levi's 501 Original Fit in Slack Dog wash -- $48

Sunglasses -- Vintage Ambervision glasses -- $23

Belt -- Dark brown distressed leather Distressed Leather Belt -- Check out any of these on etsy.com, we won't tell anyone you shop on etsy.

Shirt -- American Apparel Power Washed Tee in Lieutenant  -- $24

Sweater -- Banana Republic extra-fine Merino wool v-neck sweater in Dark chocolate heather -- $24.99

Shoes -- Any shoes you find rotting in your garage. That's the key to his style; confuse women about whether or not you care by putting a lot of thought into your outfit, but have your shoes be disintegrating.

Whose style should we steal next? Tell us in the comments below and we'll help you out.