Starter Jackets, those awesome 80s team jackets your mom wouldn't buy you because she thought it made you look like a gangsta rapper or drug dealer, are back. You remember those satin beauties with their bright colors and brash bold lettering. A lot of gangsta rappers and drug dealers wore them. We'll they'll be back in stores in time for the 2013 NFL season thanks to former New York Giants linebacker Carl Banks.

So how did Banks come up with the idea to bring back the retro satin Starter jackets? Inspiration was found in the same place we all go to be inspired -- the Eddie Murphy classic 'Coming to America'.

"Carl Banks is a big fan of the classic movie "Coming to America." So last year, Banks, president of apparel company G-III, went to the NFL's head of licensing, Leo Kane, and asked what he thought about bringing back the Jets jacket worn by Semmi (Arsenio Hall), which he'd sell with a Mets jacket in the style worn by Akeem (Eddie Murphy) in a "Coming to America" pack."

Kane put Banks in touch with Seth Horowitz, president of the Iconix brand which bought the Starter brand in 2007 for $60 million dollars. Banks and Horowitz called the move of bringing back the classic team jackets a "no-brainer" and after an initial run decided to expand the line to cover all major sports teams.

NFL jackets will be the first to roll out in late August. The NBA jackets will follow in November. The cost per jacket is expected to be around $150.

To cover the cost you might want to start dealing drugs again. At least you'll look the part.