Don't challenge WWE superstar Daniel Bryan to a beard-off, because you will lose. Just ask Oakland A's outfielder Josh Reddick. The beard-off between Reddick and Bryan wasn't Reddick's idea, as the entire thing began with Bryan issuing the challenge over Twitter, but Reddick foolishly accepted. To be fair, Reddick's beard was somehow even gnarlier than Bryan's, which is saying a lot, as both could easily pass for cast members of "Duck Dynasty."

trimmed his beard this weekend. He was first caught without his beard while posing for a picture with a fan ( who looked like an elderly, mini-Hulk Hogan) on Saturday. Reddick kept his goatee, but he'll probably have less trouble getting through airport security now.

Both guys put over the challenge in various interviews, and it was a fun ride while it lasted. It's always cool to see major team sports cross over with professional wrestling, and Josh Reddick proved to be a good sport about the entire thing.

Daniel Bryan has claimed that he will not shave his beard at all this year. He did so in a tweet in which he also demanded to be called "The Dazzler.' It's a more preferable name to his other nickname, 'Goatface,' but I doubt it will ever seriously catch on with fans. It's a shame he's not known by 'American Dragon,' like he used to be.

I wonder if these Reddick and Bryan will ever come facial hair-to-facial hair, and put some closure on the situation.