In the cheesy '80's movie 'Cocktail,' Tom Cruise and Bryan Brown are dazzling, acrobatic bartenders who start a bar with the Beach Boys and John Stamos (not exactly, but the film is about bartending in a tropical paradise).

Well, Cruise and Brown have nothing on Alexander Shtifanov, who bartends in the Ukraine, which is slightly less than tropical.

Shtifanov made an appearance on 'Ukraine's Got Talent' this season to prove that there is a lot more going on at his Ukraine bar than at your local Hooters. Watch as he wows the judges with his flashy display of showmanship, coordination and mixology:

While it's not quite chugging a bottle of vodka, Shtifanov juggling vodka is pretty damn impressive. It's like Parkour meets AA.

As you might expect, Shtifanov crushed his competitors, who a.) demonstrated deft cabbage origami b.) played ice hockey in bare feet and c.) sang Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" through a tracheostomy tube. (We may be making all that up. The show tape seems to have gone missing.)

While the Ukraine may not seem to have THAT much talent, it may have the world's best bartender in Alexander Shtifanov.

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