You may know Julianne Hough as Mrs. Ryan Seacrest, even though they’re not actually married, but we like to refer to her as Super Hot Blonde #28.

Despite never actually making it on the A list (for long anyway), it’s hard to escape seeing the 24-year-old dancer-singer-actress’ face plastered on magazine covers and splashed all over celeb gossip sites. And, hey, we’re not complaining. We’d rather see Hough’s blue eyes and long legs at the supermarket checkout than, say, scary pics of Honey Boo Boo’s family.

Hough recently starred in the movie musical ‘Rock of Ages,’ but she’s probably best known for her winning stints on ‘Dancing with the Stars.’

The Utah native was nominated for an Emmy for her choreography on ‘Dancing’ and her self-titled album, released in 2008, made a splash on the Billboard Country Album charts.

So let’s celebrate the sexy, blonde and perky triple threat that is Julianne Hough. There are worse things we could do!