Even if you've never stepped foot in New York City, you probably know that jumping subway tracks is about as smart as buying a Rolex from a street vendor for 10 bucks.

We may all realize that, but the daredevil behind this stunt at the 145th Street stop was apparently sick from school the day this valuable lesson was taught.

Did he make it across? We'll give you as hint: the two-letter answer starts with "N" and ends with "O." Looking at his epic fail, you have to wonder if his face will need plastic surgery, based on how hard he slammed on the pavement.

And you've gotta love how everyone else in the station doesn't even flinch when the guy goes flying. New Yorkers have pretty much seen everything, so a wacko pretending he's got Inspector Gadget springs in his legs certainly won't rattle them. Heck, they don't even miss a beat when they see all the rats scattering to and fro on the tracks, so do you really think this wannabe long jumper will?

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