After spending $1.2 billion on a stadium with fish tanks, a home run fountain and more, the Miami Marlins are having an even more difficult time selling tickets to their ballpark after they liquidated veterans in off-season trades. As you can see from the photo above, just three people — and a Marlins employee — were at the ballpark yesterday prior to single-game tickets going on sale.

The National League East club has won two World Series in the past 16 seasons, more than most clubs can boast. Unfortunately, Miami residents aren't really tuned into the Marlins. Even in yesterday's shabby turnout, the fans who showed up after the box office opened wore shirts that called for the removal of team owner Jeff Loria.

Marlins Protest shirts

Ouch. Is that real airbrushing?

Team president David Samson was there to take the verbal bullets intended for Loria and a Marlins' management team that has held several fire sales, much to the dismay of the Miami residents that it does have as fans.

“I just hope that us sort of messing up last year doesn’t ruin the enjoyment that we could give people in this park….It was a very frustrating year from start to finish. I think that when Josh Johnson threw strike one, that was the highlight of last year, on April 4, and it was downhill from there. And that’s disappointing when you build for the first year,” he said.

Right. Well, it's one thing if the fans are disappointed, but it's another if they just don't care. They don't care.

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