Shame on us for not adding ‘MythBusters’ geek goddess Kari Byron to the crush list sooner. Kari is perfect crush material -- she’s super hot, funny, clever, cool, and she blows stuff up for a living.
Byron landed her co-hosting gig on The Discovery Channel’s popular series ‘MythBusters’ in 2003, and she landed her own Science Channel spinoff show, ‘Head Rush,’ in 2010.

The redheaded hottie joined ‘MythBusters’ after trying to get a job at M5 Industries, the company owned by show star Jamie Hyneman. Byron started co-hosting show segments with Grant Imahara and Tory Belluci during the show’s second season, helping ‘Mythbusters’ become the huge cable TV hit it is today.

One of Byron’s first official duties on the show was sitting for a model of her buttocks to be cast for a myth-busting segment. Makeup and special effects people have all the fun, don’t they?

Kari Byron Collage
Kari Byron Mythbusters Hot

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