Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are getting a divorce. And just like that, Katie Holmes is back on the market (*Theme from ‘Dawson’s Creek’ plays. Dawson cries. Pacey glares smugly*)!

The beautiful film and TV actress -- who may or may have not been abducted, brain-wiped and/or replaced with a robot several years ago by Scientologists -- has reportedly filed for divorce from superstar actor guy Tom Cruise.

"This is a personal and private matter for Katie and her family.”Katie's primary concern remains, as it always has been, her daughter's best interest,” Holmes’ attorney told People.

The pair got hitched in 2006 in Italy and had one child together, Suri. Holmes' career was taking off before she became Mrs. Cruise. During and after her five-year streak on ‘Dawson’s Creek,’ she starred in several notable film projects, including the dark comedy ‘Go,’ drama Wonder Boys,’ the 2003 indie ‘Pieces of April’ and Christopher Nolan’s first Bat-film, ‘Batman Begins.’

Holmes chose not to reprise her ‘Batman Begins’ role in the record breaking sequel, ‘The Dark Knight,’ and appeared in a number if disparate projects, like the comedy bomb ‘Mad Money,’ horror flick ‘Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark,’ and the controversial ‘Kennedys’ TV miniseries.

Recently, Holmes so-starred alongside Adam Sandler in ‘Jack and Jill,’ a movie which confirmed that we are indeed living in the darkest timeline.

Join us in celebrating Holmes’ sudden (if not surprising) return to singlehood with an ogle-worthy photo gallery.


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