KFC has merged two of your favorite foods in an attempt to bring you food nirvana.

KFC Philippines has introduced KFChizza -- a pizza with a fried chicken crust in a move that should forever end the debate that ensues when you can't decide between pizza and fried chicken.

The ad tries to entice customers with its take on the classic "I Will Survive," which is somewhat appropriate, since if you dare eat this you will be forced to try and survive the heart attack you greatly increase your chances of having.

Have you booked that flight to Manila yet? You know you want to try this, right? So what if the calorie count reaches four digits and it clogs your arteries like highway traffic on Labor Day weekend -- it's your right to enjoy this masterpiece of culinary innovation.

Maybe this will start a trend. Can't decide if you should have a double cheeseburger and dim sum? Combine 'em. Want Buffalo wings and moo shu pork? Get both. Torn between a burrito and a pastrami sandwich? Just mix them up. Your stomach will thank you. We think.

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