This ordinary, run-of-the-mill UFC-type fight features a rather extraordinary, non-run-of-the-mill twist.

These two dudes are doing their best to win the fight and get the heck out of the ring before the music blaring renders them deaf for the rest of their days when one of them comes up with a sanitation-busting idea.

Around the 50-second mark, the guy in the blue shorts tumbles out of the ring and comes back with a vengeance that is only matched in comedy by Bruce Willis with each passing 'Die Hard' sequel (seriously, Bruce, enough already -- the franchise isn't supposed to be so bad it's funny, but that's what's happened).

About 30 seconds later, he enters the ring with what appears to be the lid to a garbage  can, taking this bout from MMA to WWE. Someone from his opponent's camp retaliates with another garbage can lid.

The jury is still out on whether this was all staged, especially since the ref who's dressed like he's on a beach vacation with his family stands around and turns his head to the scene like a cop on the take.

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