If this guy is hoping to make it in show business, he'd better think about honing his craft before he's arrested for manslaughter.

This knife thrower and his trusty petrified assistant are doing their routine on a Lithuanian talent show. And it's just like the saying goes, "If you can make it Vilnius, you can make it anywhere." Sure, you don't hear that anywhere outside the Baltic region, but we're certain that's the battle cry among all wannabe stars in Lithuania.

Anyhoo, the knife thrower future plaintiff first hits skin at the 1:30 mark when it looks like he accidentally makes a play to eliminate his partner's fingerprints. He then nearly duplicates the feat 13 seconds later.

At 3:16, he comes thisclose to puncturing a vein in the neck, which would've splattered blood all over that high school marching band of a costume the kid's wearing (the knife thrower is older, so he looks more like he should be working a Civil War re-enactment).

At the end of the video while the judges give their critique, the thrower then tries to clean up some blood on the stage with his shoe. Classy.

We already knew a lot of the acts that stomp across the screen on the countless talent shows are bad. Now we also know that William Tell's kids didn't live with the kind of fear this wizard's young protege does.