Ksenia Solo is a stunning actress who you can see every week on the Syfy series ‘Lost Girl.’ She may or may not also be related to Han Solo. We kinda like to think she is.

The Latvian born Canadian performer studied ballet in her teens before becoming an actress. She left dance to pursue TV and films roles after suffering a back injury. Solo’s ballet raining came in handy in 2010, when she won a small role in the Natalie Portman film ‘Black Swan.’

Solo has been all over the tube. You may have seen her in ‘Cold Case,’ ‘Moonlight,’ ‘The Cleaner’ or ‘Life Unexpected.’

The 24-year-old also starred in the pilot episode of ‘Locke & Key,’ based on the genre comic book series of the same name. The pilot did not get picked up to series, which means Solo will most likely continue playing the sexy and strange Kenzi on ‘Lost Girl,’ a show that blends monsters and ghosts and hot, ass kicking women in tight leather outfits. It’s a good show.


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